Training and Development

The development and Training office has been established in 2011 by the Chief Justice and an officer appointed in accordance to section 44[1] of the Judicial Services and Courts Act [CAP 270]. The officer appointed must hold a degree in Law and the Judicial Education certificate or equivalent.

This office works under the supervision of the Chief Registrar of the Supreme Court and reports directly to the Chief Justice.  This office is responsible for dealing with judicial officers’ and the court personnel development needs in line with organizational priorities. It conducted training needs analysis internally through survey and personal interview and also gets compliments from court users group. Furthermore, is the monitoring and reviewing progress of trainees through questionnaires and discussions with heads of department (HODs).

Trainings are conducted internally in line with our Annual Calendar of events and externally through other bodies.  There are certified trainers that are used regionally and nationally as facilitators to the trainings.  There are two judicial trainings each year and one Island Court clerks' training.

Further to trainings, we also coordinate trainings for our local justices in the Island Courts to enhance their capacity skills in decision makings.

This office works closely with Human resource officer and actively participate in the Judiciary services performances appraisal program.

This office is the focal point to external training providers regional and beyond by coordination.

This office develop effective induction programmes ensuring all new recruits are inducted into the organisation and also develop training programmes that are up to date with new developments in law and technology.

This office also assist students from various institutions with their researches and assignments relating to the court structure, court limitations, the sources of law and may arrange for students observation during court hearings.