Sheriff's Office

The department of sheriff is an enforcement section within the Supreme Court of Vanuatu. The section consists of the following offices;

  1. Sheriff – Malachai GEORGE
  2. Deputy Sheriff – John MAVUTI
  3. Court Orderly – Selwyn MORRISON
  4. Secretary – Celine Ann PAKOA

Under the Civil Procedure Rules No. 49 of 2002, the Sheriff is an enforcement officer of the Supreme Court who enforces judgements and executes warrants issued by courts. This is done only by enforcement orders or enforcement warrants.

Facts about Sheriff Office:

  • Any enforcement warrant or order is enforceable throughout Vanuatu
  • Any order issued by one district of the Magistrate Court is enforceable in other district
  • If the enforcement debtor has died, only the assets of his or her estate can be the subject of the warrant 
  • Properties are siezeable and saleable under enforcement warrants

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