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Judgments on PACLII:

Judgments since 2017 (in reverse order of Decision date):

907 judgments
JurisdictionCase typeCase number Case nameJudgeHearing dateDecision date
Supreme CourtCriminal1327 of 2020Public Prosecutor v JosephJustice Oliver Saksak21 Jul 202016 Oct 2020
Supreme CourtCriminal1354 of 2020Public Prosecutor v BaleratuJustice Oliver Saksak21 Jul 202016 Oct 2020
Supreme CourtCivil787 of 2020Mataskelekele v KalsaleJustice Oliver Saksak02 Sep 202016 Oct 2020
Supreme CourtCriminal1088 of 2020Public Prosecutor v NoahJustice Viran Molisa Trief02 Oct 2020
Supreme CourtCivil1891 of 2020Phillips v HannalineJustice Gustaaf Andrée Wiltens29 Sep 2020
Supreme CourtCriminal Appeal1900 of 2020Ruben v Public ProsecutorJustice Gustaaf Andrée Wiltens21 Sep 202029 Sep 2020
Supreme CourtCivil299 of 2013Masaai v PoilapaJustice Gustaaf Andrée Wiltens24 Sep 202025 Sep 2020
Supreme CourtCivil2167 of 2020Andre v AndreJustice Gustaaf Andrée Wiltens25 Sep 2020
Supreme CourtCriminal1282 of 2020Public Prosecutor v LiliorJustice Oliver Saksak13 Aug 202025 Sep 2020
Supreme CourtCriminal2771 of 2018Public Prosecutor v AndrewJustice Viran Molisa Trief21 Sep 2020
Supreme CourtCivil814 of 2015Nikiatu v WilsonJustice Viran Molisa Trief15 Sep 202018 Sep 2020
Supreme CourtCriminal1842 of 2020Public Prosecutor v RovuJustice Dudley Aru18 Sep 2020
Supreme CourtProbate2485 of 2019Stephens v StephensDeputy Master Aurelie Tamseul03 Sep 202018 Sep 2020
Supreme CourtCriminal1422 of 2020Public Prosecutor v SineJustice Oliver Saksak20 Jul 202017 Sep 2020
Supreme CourtCriminal689 of 2020Public Prosecutor v KellenJustice Gustaaf Andrée Wiltens17 Sep 2020
Supreme CourtCivil98 of 2020National Bank of Vanuatu Limited v AtiMaster Cybelle Cenac-Dantes18 Aug 202017 Sep 2020
Supreme CourtCriminal1332 of 2020Public Prosecutor v TabiJustice Oliver Saksak16 Sep 202017 Sep 2020
Supreme CourtCivil108 of 2020KD Enterprise Limited v Vanuatu Waikee Group International Industrial Company LimitedJustice Viran Molisa Trief03 Sep 202017 Sep 2020
Supreme CourtCriminal62 of 2015Public Prosecutor v JehuJustice Gustaaf Andrée Wiltens17 Sep 2020
Supreme CourtConstitutional1977 of 2018Kaltonga v The Republic of VanuatuChief Justice Lunabek07 Aug 202016 Sep 2020
Supreme CourtCivil868 of 2019Mala v MansesJustice Gustaaf Andrée Wiltens06 Sep 202011 Sep 2020
Supreme CourtCriminal501 of 2020Public Prosecutor v MansenJustice Dudley Aru11 Sep 2020
Supreme CourtCivil Appeal2977 of 2019Boar v National Bank of Vanuatu LimitedJustice Viran Molisa Trief04 Sep 202011 Sep 2020
Supreme CourtCriminal1550 of 2020Public Prosecutor v JimmyJustice Oliver Saksak21 Jul 202009 Sep 2020
Supreme CourtCriminal1350 of 2020Public Prosecutor v BolengaJustice Oliver Saksak21 Jul 202009 Sep 2020