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Judgments on PACLII:

Judgments since 2017 (in reverse order of Decision date):

261 judgments
JurisdictionCase typeCase number Case nameJudgeHearing dateDecision date
Supreme CourtCivil1937 of 2016Ahelmhalahlah v Republic of VanuatuJustice Jeremy Doogue06 Mar 201816 Mar 2018
Supreme CourtCriminal2323 of 2017Public Prosecutor v FuretJustice David Chetwynd27 Feb 201808 Mar 2018
Supreme CourtCriminal2060 of 2017Public Prosecutor v JimmyJustice David Chetwynd26 Feb 201808 Mar 2018
Supreme CourtCriminal3560 of 2017Public Prosecutor v MaltapeJustice Oliver Saksak28 Feb 201801 Mar 2018
Supreme CourtCriminal2561 of 2017Public Prosecutor v HaroldJustice Oliver Saksak28 Feb 201801 Mar 2018
Supreme CourtCriminal792 of 2017Public Prosecutor v DavidJustice Oliver Saksak28 Feb 2018
Supreme CourtCriminal2830 of 2017Public Prosecutor v OwoseniJustice Dudley Aru28 Feb 2018
Supreme CourtCriminal1552 of 2017Public Prosecutor v BoeselJustice Oliver Saksak21 Nov 201726 Feb 2018
Supreme CourtJudicial Review1816 of 2017Toumata Tetrau Family v KwirinavanuaJustice Oliver Saksak02 Nov 201723 Feb 2018
Supreme CourtCivil244 of 2014Supercool Vila v Tidewater HoldingsJustice David Chetwynd01 Feb 201822 Feb 2018
Supreme CourtJudicial Review07 of 2015Willie v Public Service CommissionChief Justice Vincent Lunabek16 Feb 2018
Supreme CourtCivil3718 of 2016Kalpoi v The Government of the Republic of VanuatuJustice James Paul Geoghegan30 Oct 201714 Feb 2018
Supreme CourtCriminal2021 of 2017Public Prosecutor v NatuJustice Oliver Saksak13 Dec 201713 Feb 2018
Supreme CourtCivil156 of 2017International Green Structures v National Housing CorporationJustice David Chetwynd05 Feb 201813 Feb 2018
Supreme CourtCivil Appeal1464 of 2017Sepa v Government of the Republic of VanuatuJustice David Chetwynd09 Feb 201809 Feb 2018
Supreme CourtCriminal1118 of 2017Public Prosecutor v JohnnyJustice James Paul Geoghegan18 Dec 201709 Feb 2018
Supreme CourtCriminal3323 of 2017Public Prosecutor v PierreJustice James Paul Geoghegan08 Feb 2018
Supreme CourtCriminal2745 of 2017Public Prosecutor v KalseiJustice David Chetwynd08 Feb 201808 Feb 2018
Supreme CourtCriminal2622 of 2017Public Prosecutor v SesilJustice David Chetwynd06 Feb 201806 Feb 2018
Supreme CourtJudicial Review4004 of 2016Ligo v Republic of VanuatuJustice David Chetwynd22 Nov 201726 Jan 2018
Supreme CourtCivil105 of 2013Potts v Trustees International LtdJustice David Chetwynd22 Aug 201726 Jan 2018
Supreme CourtConstitutional2818 of 2017Mass v The Government of the Republic of VanuatuJustice David Chetwynd25 Oct 201726 Jan 2018
Supreme CourtCivil773 of 2015Harvey River Estate Pty Ltd v National Bank of VanuatuJustice David Chetwynd01 Dec 201726 Jan 2018
Supreme CourtJudicial Review25 of 2014Unelco v Utilities Regulatory AuthorityJustice David Chetwynd12 Dec 201726 Jan 2018
Supreme CourtCriminal2061 of 2017Public Prosecutor v MaltockJustice Oliver Saksak14 Dec 201721 Dec 2017