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Court of Appeal

Criminal Appeal
993 of 2019
06 Nov 2019
15 Nov 2019
Chief Justice Lunabek; Justice John William Hansen; Justice Oliver Saksak; Justice Dudley Aru; Justice Viran Molisa Trief
Bob Robert
Public Prosecutor
K Karu — Counsel for Appellant
P Toaliu — Counsel for Public Prosecutor


[1] The appellant appealed against three life sentences imposed on him by Justice G A Andrée Wiltens on 16 April 2009. The life sentences were imposed for two charges of aggravated sexual assault on a child under 15 years and for a pre-meditated intentional homicide.

[2] At the commencement of the hearing, the Court discussed with Ms Karu the parole provisions relating to a life sentence and finite sentences. For a life sentence, parole can be applied for after eight years, but for a finite sentence it is after half the term has been served.

[3] As a result, Ms Karu sought time to take further instructions from her client. When the Court reconvened she advised on the basis of those instructions the appellant withdrew his appeal against sentence.

[4] Accordingly, we record the appeal was withdrawn.

Dated at Port Vila this 15th day of November 2019
By the Court

Vincent Lunabek
Chief Justice