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Supreme Court

3914 of 2021
10 Jun 2022
Justice Dudley Aru
Public Prosecutor
Kenneth Kalo
Mr. C. Shem for the Public Prosecutor; Mrs P. Malites for the Respondent


1. This is an appeal by the Public Prosecutor against a decision of the Magistrate Court on 12 November 2021 dismissing the charges against the defendant.

2. The defendant was charged threats to kill, domestic violence and intentional assault. The charges were dismissed on the basis that the defendant was not tried within a reasonable time  due to  delays by the Public  Prosecutor . 

3. The appeal was pursued on a number of grounds namely that :

• The Senior  Magistrate did not have all the relevant information before  him before deciding to dismiss the case;

• Lack of procedural fairness; and 

• Insufficient weight was given to the public interest in continuing the prosecution; 

4. The respondent concedes the appeal.


5. Given the respondents concessions filed on 7 June 2022, the appeal is allowed. The charges are re-instated accordingly and the matter is to be returned to the Magistrate Court to proceed with the PI hearing.

Dated at Port Vila this 10th day of June 2022



Justice D. Aru