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Judgments on PACLII:

Judgments since 2017 (in reverse order of Decision date):

1210 judgments
JurisdictionCase typeCase number Case nameJudgeHearing dateDecision date
Supreme CourtCriminal757 of 2020Public Prosecutor v KauruaJustice Dudley Aru25 Jun 2020
Supreme CourtCriminal645 of 2020Public Prosecutor v Chen ChunzhuJustice Gustaaf Andrée Wiltens25 Jun 2020
Supreme CourtCivil2486 of 2019F.P.F. Company Limited v DJ Plant and Machinery Quarry LimitedJustice Viran Molisa Trief24 Jun 202024 Jun 2020
Supreme CourtElection Petition891 of 2020Nmalamuwomu v ShadrackJustice Viran Molisa Trief22 Jun 202024 Jun 2020
Supreme CourtCriminal717 of 2020Public Prosecutor v YawissiJustice Dudley Aru23 Jun 2020
Supreme CourtCriminal714 of 2020Public Prosecutor v HingeJustice Gustaaf Andrée Wiltens23 Jun 2020
Supreme CourtCivil996 of 2020August v MilfirerJustice Viran Molisa Trief03 Jun 202023 Jun 2020
Supreme CourtCriminal876 of 2020Public Prosecutor v MalesuJustice Gustaaf Andrée Wiltens22 Jun 2020
Supreme CourtEnforcement924 of 2020Nakou v HochtenDeputy Master Aurelie Tamseul22 Jun 202022 Jun 2020
Supreme CourtCriminal52 of 2020Public Prosecutor v SalroJustice Gustaaf Andrée Wiltens19 Jun 2020
Supreme CourtElection Petition892 of 2020Wana v Principal Electoral OfficerJustice Oliver Saksak03 Jun 202018 Jun 2020
Supreme CourtCriminal936 of 2020Public Prosecutor v KaltabangJustice Gustaaf Andrée Wiltens18 Jun 2020
Supreme CourtCriminal2676 of 2019Public Prosecutor v PeterJustice Dudley Aru18 Jun 2020
Supreme CourtCriminal466 of 2020Public Prosecutor v MolsirJustice Gustaaf Andrée Wiltens17 Jun 2020
Supreme CourtCriminal752 of 2020Public Prosecutor v LuiJustice Dudley Aru16 Jun 2020
Supreme CourtJudicial Review2683 of 2019Masaii v SampoJustice Viran Molisa Trief16 Jun 202016 Jun 2020
Supreme CourtCivil787 of 2020Mataskelekele v Kalsale FamilyJustice Oliver Saksak12 Jun 202015 Jun 2020
Supreme CourtCriminal681 of 2020Tabimasmas v Public ProsecutorJustice Gustaaf Andrée Wiltens04 Jun 202015 Jun 2020
Supreme CourtCivil166 of 2015Gordon v KlatesJustice Viran Molisa Trief15 Jun 2020
Supreme CourtCriminal1354 of 2019Public Prosecutor v UyoriJustice Viran Molisa Trief23 Mar 202012 Jun 2020
Supreme CourtElection Petition900 of 2020Manmelin v Principal Electoral OfficerJustice Oliver Saksak11 Jun 202012 Jun 2020
Supreme CourtCriminal567 of 2020Public Prosecutor v SamJustice Dudley Aru12 Jun 2020
Supreme CourtCivil276 of 2020BRED (Vanuatu) Limited v NgweleMaster Cybelle Cenac-Dantes14 May 202012 Jun 2020
Supreme CourtElection Petition910 of 2020Mele v Principal Electoral OfficerJustice Oliver Saksak04 Jun 202012 Jun 2020
Supreme CourtJudicial Review612 of 2015Andrew v The Santo Malo Island CourtJustice Oliver Saksak22 May 202010 Jun 2020