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Judgments on PACLII:

Judgments since 2017 (in reverse order of Decision date):

1878 judgments
JurisdictionCase typeCase numberCase nameJudgeHearing dateDecision date
Supreme CourtCriminal3209 of 2020Public Prosecutor v IaviluJustice Viran Molisa Trief14 Sep 2021
Supreme CourtCriminal1160 of 2021Public Prosecutor v GideonJustice Gustaaf Andrée Wiltens14 Sep 2021
Supreme CourtCriminal2786 of 2021Public Prosecutor v TariodoJustice Gustaaf Andrée Wiltens14 Sep 2021
Supreme CourtCivil2221 of 2021Fraser v Vanuatu Police ForceJustice Viran Molisa Trief25 Aug 202113 Sep 2021
Supreme CourtCivil3167 of 2021Ifira Trustees Limited v NapuatiJustice Viran Molisa Trief13 Sep 2021
Supreme CourtCivil2651 of 2019Abet v Shefa Provincial CouncilJustice Viran Molisa Trief24 Aug 202113 Sep 2021
Supreme CourtCriminal1821 of 2021Public Prosecutor v JohnnyJustice Gustaaf Andrée Wiltens07 Sep 2021
Supreme CourtCriminal2397 of 2021Public Prosecutor v MelsulJustice Gustaaf Andrée Wiltens07 Sep 2021
Supreme CourtCriminal15 of 2021Public Prosecutor v AndrewJustice Viran Molisa Trief07 Sep 2021
Supreme CourtCivil742 of 2020John v Reserve Bank of VanuatuJustice Dudley Aru06 Sep 2021
Supreme CourtElection Petition2241 of 2021Weibur v Speaker of ParliamentJustice Viran Molisa Trief26 Aug 202106 Sep 2021
Supreme CourtCriminal1073 of 2021Public Prosecutor v UlasJustice Viran Molisa Trief03 Sep 2021
Supreme CourtCriminal2312 of 2020Public Prosecutor v AnsenJustice Gustaaf Andrée Wiltens02 Sep 2021
Supreme CourtCivil2053 of 2020Jong Phil Shin v Republic of VanuatuJustice Viran Molisa Trief20 Aug 202131 Aug 2021
Supreme CourtCivil1144 of 2020Campbell v NereiJustice Viran Molisa Trief20 Aug 202130 Aug 2021
Supreme CourtCivil Appeal2824 and 3037 of 2020Toatau v ManlaewiaJustice Viran Molisa Trief09 Aug 202130 Aug 2021
Supreme CourtCivil2601 of 2019Carroll v SandsJustice Viran Molisa Trief19 Aug 202130 Aug 2021
Supreme CourtCriminal2314 of 2021Public Prosecutor v PatoJustice Gustaaf Andrée Wiltens30 Aug 2021
Magistrate CourtCivil246 of 2021Patterson v PakoaActing Chief Magistrate Anna Laloyer27 Aug 2021
Supreme CourtCriminal2367 of 2021Public Prosecutor v TaravakiJustice Gustaaf Andrée Wiltens27 Aug 2021
Supreme CourtCriminal2308 of 2021Public Prosecutor v TonyJustice Gustaaf Andrée Wiltens26 Aug 2021
Supreme CourtCriminal Appeal722 of 2021Public Prosecutor v JamesJustice Viran Molisa Trief26 Aug 202126 Aug 2021
Supreme CourtCriminal1956 of 2021Public Prosecutor v NauritaJustice Gustaaf Andrée Wiltens26 Aug 2021
Supreme CourtCivil2583 of 2017Tiome v National Housing CorporationJustice Dudley Aru26 Aug 2021
Supreme CourtCriminal1889 of 2021Public Prosecutor v MetoJustice Gustaaf Andrée Wiltens26 Aug 2021