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The office of the Senior Administrator of Island Court was established by the Chief Justice in 2006. The Senior Administrator of Island court was appointed under section 44(1) of the Judicial Services and Courts Act No. 54 of 2000. The primary objective of this office is to assist the office of the Chief Justice to coordinate the operations of Island Court.

Functions and responsibilities include:

  • Proper coordination of administrative affairs and welfare of Island Court staffs
  • Keep and maintain personal files for all Island Courts Clerk, Secretaries and Justices of Island Courts
  • Liaise with Supervising Magistrate of each Island Court to make sure there is effective operation of Island Court
  • Assist the Chief Justice, Supervising Magistrate and Clerks to oversee performances of all Island courts Justices throughout the country
  • Responsible to provide Budget submission to the Chief Registrar and the Accountant
  • Liaise with HRO with job descriptions for all clerks & develop new job description for Island Court clerks for time to time as directed by chief justice
  • To Assist in personal differences among clerks and other employees of island courts
  • Provide support to the office of the Chief Justice on important decision making on matters of Island Court
  • Provide support to the office of the Chief Justice on important internal procedures to deal with different situation faced by the island courts.