Public Prosecutor v Alick

Supreme Court

1459 of 2022
08 Jul 2022

Justice Viran Molisa Trief
Public Prosecutor
Willie Alick
Public Prosecutor – Ms F. Sewen; Defendant – Mr B. Livo


1. Mr Alick pleaded guilty and accepted the summary of facts relating to one charge of possession of 0.2 grams of cannabis. I convicted him on his plea and the admitted facts.  

2. On 3 July 2021, Mr Alick was found to be in possession of this small amount of cannabis when the Police executed a search warrant on the sea vessel MV Urata. He admitted the matter immediately.    

3. Mr Alick is 38 years old. He has 2 children that he supports. He has no previous convictions. He pleaded guilty at the very earliest opportunity.  

End Sentence 

4. Taking all of those matters into account, the end sentence imposed is 60 hours of community work to be completed within 12 months.    

5. The drugs are to be destroyed.   

6. Mr Alick has 14 days to appeal this sentence if he disagrees with it.   

DATED at Port Vila this 8th day of July 2022  




Justice V.M. Trief