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Judgments on PACLII:

Judgments since 2017 (in reverse order of Decision date):

646 judgments
JurisdictionCase typeCase number Case nameJudgeHearing dateDecision date
Supreme CourtConstitutional3488 of 2017Wass v The State of The Republic of VanuatuChief Justice Vincent Lunabek24 Aug 2018
Supreme CourtCivil2276 of 2017Kalanu v Port Vila MunicipalityJustice David Chetwynd16 Aug 201823 Aug 2018
Supreme CourtJudicial Review2865 of 2018Ocean Products Ltd v Minister of Agriculture Forestry and FisheriesJustice David Chetwynd14 Aug 201823 Aug 2018
Supreme CourtCriminal1838 of 2018Public Prosecutor v ParasJustice David Chetwynd21 Aug 201821 Aug 2018
Supreme CourtCivil2288 of 2017Elsium v MisevJustice Gustaaf Andrée Wiltens20 Aug 2018
Supreme CourtCivil212 of 2011Isleno Leasing Company v Air Vanuatu (Operations)Justice Gustaaf Andrée Wiltens17 May 201820 Aug 2018
Supreme CourtCriminal3481 of 2017Public Prosecutor v DeroinJustice David Chetwynd08 Aug 201817 Aug 2018
Supreme CourtCriminal1356 of 2018Public Prosecutor v TasereiJustice Daniel Fatiaki16 Aug 2018
Supreme CourtCivil940 of 2016Dule v TariJustice Oliver Saksak16 Mar 201816 Aug 2018
Supreme CourtCriminal1599 of 2018Public Prosecutor v JeanChief Justice Vincent Lunabek13 Aug 2018
Supreme CourtCriminal1924 of 2018Public Prosecutor v QuagaJustice Dudley Aru10 Aug 2018
Supreme CourtCriminal2072 of 2018Public Prosecutor v MalapaJustice Dudley Aru10 Aug 2018
Supreme CourtCriminal1359 of 2018Public Prosecutor v JohnJustice Daniel Fatiaki10 Aug 2018
Supreme CourtCriminal1248 of 2018Public Prosecutor v DavidJustice Daniel Fatiaki10 Aug 2018
Supreme CourtProbate990 of 2017Estate of Late Joel Didier HernandezMaster Cybelle Cenac05 Apr 201810 Aug 2018
Supreme CourtCriminal600 of 2018Public Prosecutor v MalturneimChief Justice Vincent Lunabek09 Aug 2018
Supreme CourtJudicial Review1268 of 2017Attorney General v Minister of LandsJustice Gustaaf Andrée Wiltens07 Aug 2018
Supreme CourtMatrimonial05 of 2015Tamtam v PhilipJustice Gustaaf Andrée Wiltens06 Aug 2018
Supreme CourtCriminal1055 of 2018Public Prosecutor v NahumJustice Gustaaf Andrée Wiltens06 Aug 2018
Supreme CourtCriminal1005 of 2017Public Prosecutor v PipiteJustice Gustaaf Andrée Wiltens03 Apr 201806 Aug 2018
Supreme CourtCriminal1243 of 2018Public Prosecutor v VahiruaJustice Gustaaf Andrée Wiltens06 Aug 2018
Supreme CourtCriminal1688 of 2018Public Prosecutor v CharlesChief Justice Vincent Lunabek03 Aug 2018
Supreme CourtCriminal1689 of 2018Public Prosecutor v JohnsonChief Justice Vincent Lunabek03 Aug 2018
Supreme CourtCriminal2299 of 2017Public Prosecutor v MaepezaJustice Oliver Saksak26 Mar 201802 Aug 2018
Supreme CourtMatrimonial1222 of 2018H v WMaster Cybelle Cenac17 Jul 201801 Aug 2018