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Judgments on PACLII:

Judgments since 2017 (in reverse order of Decision date):

883 judgments
JurisdictionCase typeCase number Case nameJudgeHearing dateDecision date
Supreme CourtConstitutional3481 of 2018Kalsakau v The Republic of VanuatuJustice Dudley Aru27 May 2019
Supreme CourtCriminal3269 of 2018Public Prosecutor v TahinJustice Daniel Fatiaki14 May 201920 May 2019
Supreme CourtCriminal1015 of 2018Public Prosecutor v TeviriJustice Daniel Fatiaki14 May 201920 May 2019
Supreme CourtConstitutional971 of 2019The President Pastor Moses Tallis, President of The Republic of Vanuatu v Esmon Saimon - Speaker of ParliamentChief Justice Vincent Lunabek15 May 201917 May 2019
Supreme CourtCriminal2820 of 2018Public Prosecutor v TosuJustice Daniel Fatiaki14 May 201917 May 2019
Supreme CourtCivil1048 of 2017Malapa v AnnisJustice Gustaaf Andrée Wiltens10 May 201914 May 2019
Supreme CourtCivil761 of 2018Simon v YakeulaJustice Oliver Saksak26 Apr 201929 Apr 2019
Supreme CourtCivil140 of 2013Sorina v DaraChief Justice Vincent Lunabek29 Apr 2019
Supreme CourtCivil105 of 2005Aromalo v Siviri And Tanoliu Joint Village Customary Land TribunalChief Justice Vincent Lunabek26 Apr 2019
Supreme CourtMatrimonial2361 of 2018Carlo v LitongJustice Oliver Saksak25 Apr 201926 Apr 2019
Supreme CourtCivil119 of 2018Jack v President of the Republic of VanuatuJustice Dudley Aru12 Dec 201826 Apr 2019
Supreme CourtEnforcement212 of 2017Bank South Pacific v Ifira Port Development and Services Company LimitedMaster Cybelle Cenac17 Sep 201826 Apr 2019
Supreme CourtCriminal3212 of 2017Public Prosecutor v KencyJustice Dudley Aru21 Mar 201923 Apr 2019
Supreme CourtCivil394 of 2018Twomey v The Republic of VanuatuJustice Oliver Saksak09 Apr 201918 Apr 2019
Supreme CourtCriminal436 of 2019Public Prosecutor v AvockJustice Dudley Aru16 Apr 201918 Apr 2019
Supreme CourtCivil286 of 2013Scott v Republic of VanuatuChief Justice Vincent Lunabek16 Apr 2019
Supreme CourtCriminal2305 of 2018Public Prosecutor v RobertJustice Gustaaf Andrée Wiltens16 Apr 2019
Supreme CourtCivil2830 of 2016Vano v Airports Vanuatu LimitedJustice Dudley Aru12 Apr 2019
Supreme CourtCriminal2707 of 2016Public Prosecutor v JonahJustice Gustaaf Andrée Wiltens10 Apr 2019
Supreme CourtCivil163 of 2015Debay v The Pacific PassionChief Justice Vincent Lunabek02 Aug 201609 Apr 2019
Supreme CourtCriminal3270 of 2018Public Prosecutor v LiuJustice Oliver Saksak25 Mar 201902 Apr 2019
Supreme CourtCivil Appeal1673 of 2018Kaurua v KamisakJustice Daniel Fatiaki01 Apr 2019
Supreme CourtJudicial Review1025 of 2018Gibson v Public Service CommissionJustice Oliver Saksak27 Feb 201901 Apr 2019
Supreme CourtCriminal1922 of 2018Public Prosecutor v LopezJustice Oliver Saksak06 Mar 201929 Mar 2019
Supreme CourtCriminal678 of 2018Public Prosecutor v RasaJustice Oliver Saksak29 Mar 201929 Mar 2019