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Judgments - Supreme Court

Judgments on PACLII:

Judgments since 2017 (in reverse order of Decision date):

1431 judgments
JurisdictionCase typeCase numberCase nameJudgeHearing dateDecision date
Supreme CourtCivil3403 of 2021Luen v The Republic of VanuatuJustice Oliver Saksak09 Jun 202205 Jul 2022
Supreme CourtCivil544 of 2020Kalnaran v SilasJustice Viran Molisa Trief01 Feb 202204 Jul 2022
Supreme CourtCriminal827 of 2022Public Prosecutor v AronJustice Oliver Saksak17 May 202201 Jul 2022
Supreme CourtCriminal404 of 2019Public Prosecutor v SomonChief Justice Vincent Lunabek22 May 202222 Jun 2022
Supreme CourtJudicial Review3553 of 2021Karae v Taslamane Area Land Tribunal ( Big Bay Coast)Justice Oliver Saksak20 Jun 202221 Jun 2022
Supreme CourtCriminal1223 of 2022Public Prosecutor v SitangtangJustice Oliver Saksak13 Jun 202217 Jun 2022
Supreme CourtCriminal1048 of 2022Public Prosecutor v JimmyJustice Oliver Saksak17 Jun 2022
Supreme CourtCriminal687 of 2022Public Prosecutor v MaelJustice Oliver Saksak17 Jun 2022
Supreme CourtCriminal659 of 2022Public Prosecutor v EstapasJustice Oliver Saksak13 Jun 202217 Jun 2022
Supreme CourtCivil2830 of 2019Milai (Vanuatu) Limited v TangaJustice Viran Molisa Trief09 Feb 202214 Jun 2022
Supreme CourtCivil Appeal1032 of 2021Emelee v KelekeleJustice Viran Molisa Trief13 Jun 2022
Supreme CourtCriminal3065 of 2021Public Prosecutor v NawamJustice Oliver Saksak10 Jun 2022
Supreme CourtCriminal3914 of 2021Public Prosecutor v KaloJustice Dudley Aru10 Jun 2022
Supreme CourtCriminal3769 of 2021Public Prosecutor v BillJustice Dudley Aru09 Jun 2022
Supreme CourtCivil Appeal2629 of 2021Barangsusrup v MassingJustice Viran Molisa Trief09 Jun 2022
Supreme CourtCivil Appeal1579 of 2021Wayback v BebeJustice Viran Molisa Trief06 Jun 202209 Jun 2022
Supreme CourtCriminal2883 of 2021Public Prosecutor v JamesJustice Viran Molisa Trief08 Jun 2022
Supreme CourtCivil Appeal3527 of 2021Listair Advent Training Institute Committee v DickJustice Oliver Saksak07 Jun 2022
Supreme CourtCivil2389 of 2020Oloi v KaunJustice Gustaaf Andrée Wiltens27 May 202206 Jun 2022
Supreme CourtCriminal306 of 2022Public Prosecutor v JeajeaJustice Gustaaf Andrée Wiltens16 May 202203 Jun 2022
Supreme CourtCivil Appeal3562 of 2021Tropical Plantations Limited v CarloJustice Viran Molisa Trief31 May 202202 Jun 2022
Supreme CourtCivil139 of 2015Keliu v BillyJustice Viran Molisa Trief01 Jun 2022
Supreme CourtCriminal1854 of 2021Public Prosecutor v RauJustice Viran Molisa Trief27 May 2022
Supreme CourtCriminal382 of 2022Public Prosecutor v KalwatmanJustice Dudley Aru25 May 2022
Supreme CourtCriminal457 of 2022Public Prosecutor v KaloJustice Dudley Aru24 May 2022