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Judgments on PACLII:

Judgments since 2017 (in reverse order of Decision date):

882 judgments
JurisdictionCase typeCase number Case nameJudgeHearing dateDecision date
Supreme CourtCriminal708 of 2018Public Prosecutor v TabiJustice Oliver Saksak18 Jun 201819 Jun 2018
Supreme CourtCriminal1415 of 2018Public Prosecutor v IarubenJustice Daniel Fatiaki19 Jun 2018
Supreme CourtCriminal1939 of 2017Public Prosecutor v TeviJustice David Chetwynd18 Jun 201819 Jun 2018
Supreme CourtCivil31 of 2013Lulu v VirieJustice Oliver Saksak14 Jun 201819 Jun 2018
Supreme CourtCivil3705 of 2017Wei Hong Chen v MolisingiJustice Stephen Felix14 Jun 201815 Jun 2018
Supreme CourtCivil266 of 2014James v CollenJustice Oliver Saksak19 Feb 201814 Jun 2018
Supreme CourtCriminal03 of 2018Public Prosecutor v KassoJustice David Chetwynd31 May 201814 Jun 2018
Supreme CourtCriminal1005 of 2017Public Prosecutor v PipiteJustice Gustaaf Andree Wiltens14 Jun 201814 Jun 2018
Supreme CourtCriminal699 of 2018Public Prosecutor v TulaJustice Dudley Aru14 Jun 2018
Supreme CourtCriminal2854 of 2017Public Prosecutor v KavilaJustice Oliver Saksak03 Apr 201814 Jun 2018
Supreme CourtCriminal2134 of 2017Public Prosecutor v VuduyJustice Oliver Saksak28 May 201813 Jun 2018
Supreme CourtCriminal1005 of 2017Public Prosecutor v PipiteJustice Gustaaf Andree Wiltens13 Jun 2018
Supreme CourtAdmiralty687 of 2015Massing v The Marine Vessel H. TinoJustice Oliver Saksak22 May 201812 Jun 2018
Supreme CourtCivil3598 of 2017Molisingi v IssacharJustice Oliver Saksak12 Jun 2018
Supreme CourtCriminal1183 of 2018Public Prosecutor v AlickJustice Gustaaf Andree Wiltens11 Jun 201811 Jun 2018
Supreme CourtCivil Appeal871 of 2018Sigeri v ViraJustice David Chetwynd29 Mar 201811 Jun 2018
Supreme CourtCriminal1274 of 2018Public Prosecutor v MoliChief Justice Vincent Lunabek08 Jun 2018
Supreme CourtCriminal3589 of 2017Public Prosecutor v PakoaJustice David Chetwynd04 Jun 201808 Jun 2018
Supreme CourtCriminal671 of 2018Public Prosecutor v BlessingJustice Dudley Aru08 Jun 2018
Supreme CourtCriminal1276 of 2018Public Prosecutor v BaniChief Justice Vincent Lunabek08 Jun 2018
Supreme CourtCriminal820 of 2018Public Prosecutor v WellsChief Justice Vincent Lunabek08 Jun 2018
Supreme CourtCivil3347 of 2017Kaltack v ZakaryJustice Gustaaf Andree Wiltens07 Jun 2018
Supreme CourtCriminal917 of 2018Public Prosecutor v KaloChief Justice Vincent Lunabek04 Jun 201807 Jun 2018
Supreme CourtCompany685 of 2018Vakaloloma v MooneyMaster Cybelle Cenac12 Apr 201807 Jun 2018
Supreme CourtCriminal1065 of 2018Public Prosecutor v PhilipJustice Gustaaf Andree Wiltens06 Jun 2018